I’m Mina Abadir. I live in Ontario – Canada, where I design the future of DevOps.

I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember, and I wrote my first program when I was on Visual Basic in the late 90s. My first computer was a huge towered Pentium II running Windows 98.

Growing up in Cairo, Egypt, I remember the thing I loved most was gaming. I owned many consoles starting with an Atari. Gaming has always inspired me, especially good-designed games. I have always wanted to design something that was – in my young mind – beautiful. But I lacked artistic talent, but with my love for engineering, I thought maybe I could design something beautiful because it is well-engineered; and my definition of beauty changed.

Still, my love to design never went away; these AI-generated graphics inspired me. Finally, there is a way I can get whatever I see in my mind into the world through perfectly crafted sentences (prompts). I will be sharing some of the AI arts that get generated for me on this blog.

Today, I am the co-founder of Flightcontrol. Together with my team, we design the future of DevOps and shipping software. We have strong core values and the belief that shipping software should be so easy. Similar to how AI-generated graphics made it easy for non-designers to generate designs. Flightcontrol makes it easy for non-DevOps engineers to deliver and ship their software.